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Packaged House System
by Konrad Wachsmann, Walter Gropius (General Panel Corporation)

  American housing types and infrastructure

The project examines contemporary developments of pre-fabricated houses and suburban infrastructures; their dependencies upon new technologies, economic and political aspects. The aim is to determine how new developments in technology could change the design of houses and infrastructure and redefine the identity of suburbia.

Housing types in Levittown, Konrad Wachsmann and Walter Gropius’s “General Panel System” as well as projects by the Lustron Cooperation that applied car technology to housing design will be discussed in their relevance for recent developments in prefabricated housing design.
  Visualization and Simulation of Architecture in the Digital Age


The Fabric of Architecture


Architecture and the Digital
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Urban Infrastructures


Interdependence between tools
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Film and Architecture


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