// NATHALIE BREDELLA / Flow House, a house with resale value  

House of the Future, Berlin (2012)
Boezi, Bredella, Lahusen, Nascimbeni
Atelier Le Balto


Flip a Strip (2009)
with Katrin Lahusen


Counterspace (2008)
with Katrin Lahusen


Flow House, a house with resale
with Katrin Lahusen

  In the context of the Shinkenchiku Housing competition 2007 freeway systems were investigated as potential urban spaces for habitation. The highway system was explored from different perspectives in Los Angeles and Lagos, Nigeria. Los Angeles was conceived as a space were smoothness and the mobile view are the main features while the idea of constant flow turned into the reverse in Lagos, Nigeria: markets developed between cars standing in traffic jams.

The idea of the Flow project picks up on the phenomenon of a mobile view on the highway and the following questions were posed: How can the automotive experience be opened up in order to initiate an architectural project? Are there options for developing new urban strategies in order to populate the edge situation of the freeway to enable communication and physical transition? How can the scenography of the city be incorporated into the highway system and vice versa?

Examining the pattern of the highway system, points of interventions were located. Existing generic moments within the highway system were interpreted as specific geometries in their relation to habitable structures: the layering of a motorway exit and fly-over and cloverleaf situations. These located geometries became blueprints for a specific layout of the new housing typology: the plane, slope, warp and loft type. One can imagine that in the future these units connect to larger communities along the highways, forming temporary adaptable industries and housing structures.


Shinkenchiku Design Competition, 3rd Prize.

Published in: Japanese Architect, No. 68. 2008.
Shinkenchiku cha. 2007, 12.

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