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  The Fabric of Architecture — Digital Structures, Operations, and Institutions

Every architectural design emerges from a process. The different tools and media constitutive of these processes in turn foster approaches to architecture, as well as the creation of new categories of knowledge. With the progressive development of computer-based design techniques, the contemplation of the procedural aspects of architecture becomes increasingly significant for the production and reception of architecture. It is from this perspective that the workshop sets out to examine the specific roles that processes and practices play in computer-based design by seeking to illuminate those techno-cultural contexts and historical and intellectual bonds that unite them. Which traditions and strategies, and what historical correlations among architecture, culture, and technology, have motivated and shaped the development of computer-based design processes?

The image of a fabric serves as an application and expression of the singular and inextricable entanglement of architecture, culture and technology in computer-based design. The interweaving of a textile creates a transitory co-planarity between information and material. It emphasizes the active process of shaping as "structured form," ( G e b i l d e t e s ) by which elements become enmeshed or knotted with each other. Considering architecture then as an analog to a fabric highlights how those numerous interactions with media and tools leave behind traces in material form. How might the relationship between a rule-governed design process and the transgression of a predefined operational framework – a relationship aiming to produce new artifacts and knowledge – be determined? Furthermore, in what way does the interconnection of media, tools and design shape built architecture and its ensuing structures, control-processes and procedures?

With an eye toward these issues, the workshop discusses forms of knowledge production in architecture, including its technological, political, and economic requirements as well as the possibilities for an investigation into digital design cultures in architecture that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Collaborative workshop organized by Nathalie Bredella (UdK) and Carolin Höfler (KISD), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the context of the research project 'Architecture and new Media'


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  Visualization and Simulation of Architecture in the Digital Age


The Fabric of Architecture


Architecture and the Digital
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