// NATHALIE BREDELLA / Counterspace  

House of the Future, Berlin (2012)
Boezi, Bredella, Lahusen, Nascimbeni
Atelier Le Balto


Flip a Strip (2009)
with Katrin Lahusen


Counterspace (2008)
with Katrin Lahusen


Flow House, a house with resale
with Katrin Lahusen

  The project examines the spatial potential of the Straße des 17. Juni in Berlin. The middle lane, currently used as parking area, is set out as a testing ground for re-evaluating contemporary urban space. The proposal sets up a scenario where the middle lane of the road is used as multi-purpose structure fostering communication between university, science, culture and politics. Programs include: display for interdisciplinary university work, laboratories, researchers' housing, workshops, showrooms, public paths and empty spaces.

The architectural concept begins with a pliable line that partitions the different functions: production spaces to one side, presentation spaces to the other, habitation in the middle. The line undulates from side to side as it follows the road. With each change of direction the line alternately enfolds a space of production, presentation, or habitation, thus combining together the major functions as well as their diverse activities. After a certain period of time the project might turn the campus inside-out by extending the activities within the building into the public.


Competition Urban Development Berlin-Charlottenburg, 2nd Prize.

Exhibited at Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany.

Published in: Langkilde, Kirsten M. (ed.). Innovation Habitat Berlin-Charlottenburg. Berlin: Universität der Künste. 2008.

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